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Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas fuck against a colleague

Daniel and Peter visit a friend in a very exclusive club in which only can go with a suit and there can not help to take off their cocks to feel very attracted and Daniel takes off the suit before them to appear as god brought the world but with the tail very hard and kneeling to eat his cock his friend while Peter gives up the ass back and the other who sees very excited masturbates


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22:38Daniel and Pedro fucking bareback in the kitchenDaniel and Pedro are insatiable and not even when they are working can they avoid thinking about their dicks and their asses asking for cock while they beat waiting for someone to visit them, so they leave the cooking aside and they have a bareback fuck that is a delicacy.65:27More than a double penetration for each greedy hunkThe hotter one is, the more one fucks, that's a reality and some have fucked so much that their assholes are very stretched and they only get satisfied not when they get one good dick, but two huge dicks at the same time in their broad asses to feel how their cocks get harder and harder with the thrusting.HD15:24The best eat, in the kitchenBefore getting deep into the world of porn, Daniel and Pedro started taking their first steps in very simple videos, like this one, in which they fuck in the ass bareback in the kitchen, a sex scene that caused sensation and became iconic.110:17Pedro and Andreas thrust a good, greedy guyPedro and Andreas go on vacation with a few hunks like them who are love big dick more than anything else and, of course, the thing ends up just as expected, with a good anthology of blowjobs and threesome fucks with a superb double penetration.23:03Pedro and Andreas strike againPedro and Andreas show us again how sex is absolutely irresistible in a real couple, and they are able to do their best in front of the camera without needing to put a condom on and giving themselves lots of anal pleasure, finally filling their incredible asses with fresh cum.14:14Daniel and Peter fucked bareback and leatherA love Pedro Daniel and leather roll, so put on your boots and leather clothes and they get so horny that they can not avoid sucking the cocks until Peter finally gets on the swing and puts his ass available to her boyfriend who fucks him bareback and leaves it filled with milk good18:10Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas in the barDaniel and Peter put their leather clothing, a harness and good tight underpants that eventually pluck to eat good cocks and, above the bar, to pleasure while being put in the ass without a condom and filling all sex23:10Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas in IguazuDaniel and Peter enjoy a lot of their bodies and are naked as they soon sucking cocks, but what they like is spread her legs and enjoy good anal penetration that leaves them both well satisfied and one of them full of milk27:44Pedro and Daniel tail twice Marco BlazePedro and Daniel are in gentlemen's club with a drink and realize that one of the privileges they have is to ask the waiter cock a good meal, something that the waiter makes happy before opening his ass for both partners anally penetrate him while15:24Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin Hot New kitchenPedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin can not avoid mounted a good meal of cocks in the kitchen when they are hungry, but it is not the thing to go because then end up putting it in the ass and immediately get on top of the counter to enjoy a good ride ahorcajadas, bareback and filled with milk70:14There is always one hot guy that will fit two rabazosThere is always a hot guy with muscular ass can withstand two cocks inside at once, something they love to feel and who are always looking until finally somebody gets so horny that open as a flower and are good for their backs dicks Swallow23:10Daniel and Peter in one of his first powdersDaniel and Pedro, two guys who have an amazing body and especially can not wait to suck their dicks and stuffing them in the ass, get down to work when one of them ends up getting in a breech position open for the other fuck it well and do not stop until he cum and then top with a good corrérsele lefarazo21:24Fucked in carnival Mangiatti twinsMangiatti twins have plenty of vice and exploit the visit of Peter and Daniel to his knees and start eating them cocks after which, completely naked, are subjected by these men in suits who feed them a good hard cock and then they put it in the ass them to enjoy as they deserve14:48Two bareback petan cooks in the kitchenBefore arriving the rest of his teammates these two chefs can not help but start playing with food and rub it in the ass and their dicks until eventually they are so turned on right there at the stoves, begin to give the beast 's ass without condom get well feel their tails in their tender horny eyelets, open and very hungry27:57A good fuck dieciochescaKnights of the eighteenth century also knew very well have fun when their wives were leaving home so it is locked in the sitting and there you were slow to take off the frills and long shirts to eat cocks and then get a good ass meal that always ended with good penetration style Louis XVI
144:32Guys in Buenos Aires have really nice fucksThese Argentineans are very horny and they're very clear that when it's about fucking it's best to fuck a good hunk, not a chick, obviously, so from the shower to the bedroom or wherever they are they have amazing action.15:24Pedro and Daniel fuck in the ass in the kitchenPedro and Daniel were a couple a long time ago in their beginnings of their porn career, so they do not only enjoy it really, but they could have the luxury of fucking bareback with no problem, leaving it all like a mess.27:57So two gentlemen are two separate holes fuckedThe eighteenth century gentlemen also knew very well have fun when their wives were leaving home so which is enclosed in the parlor of you and there took in off the frills and long shirts to eat cocks and then get a good ass meal that always ended with good penetration in a Louis XVI16:19Daniel Marvin fucks the ass of his colleague tragónDaniel Marvin is visited by a friend who is eager to invite him to eat, but not a feast, but a cock, so go and gets so horny he can not help his knees and make a good food that ends with his ass wide open and full of meat18:53The Exploited one ( Daniel Marvin and Ludovic )Once again the amazing Daniel Marvin is back with a great video. The employee Daniel goes to his office and vestri starts and ends up doing him great oral sex that leaves you speechless like the fucked that puts17:35Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin bareback petanPedro and Daniel are spending a weekend in a country house, but tired in nature rather go to your room and start eating cocks each other until the end are so horny that quite end prefer going to bed and ass fucking the cum out of pleasure while having a big dick inside without condom21:24Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas fuck in LodgePedro and Daniel get into a very secret and exclusive lodge where they have a very complex rite of passage in they have to hold them comfortable guys eat cocks and then offer his ass for so podérselo open and enter into him with hard cock as it enters the Masonic lodge.70:00No double penetration scene without analWhen is a piece of ass fucking insatiable and already well given him, no opportunity can be wasted in getting all that remains through the eye, and so they do, everyone gets to eat the tails for well lubricated roasted cock and two crossbars to sit on and enjoy the gustito hard on the edge of your anus.70:14Four powders, all crowded and double penetrationFucks here if not three or four fucks not so as to lose the opportunityAmong the sow passive Francesco and Pedro and Marvin and anyone who wants to join is mounted fucked good in the garden, in the room, on the bed... and double penetrations, that when you have given your ass so you do need to fill in condition!13:09Daniel Marvin fucks the ass of Nico AragonDaniel and Nico get to kiss in the living room, next to the windows through which we pass people, and finished eating cocks. Although Daniel loves to mess a cock in the ass, this time it is he who sticks it to Nico from behind while the moans of pleasure with all musculazos in tension and about to be filled with a splash of milk orgasm.6:00Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas bareback in the showerPedro and Daniel are given a shower together with his muscled hot body rubbing each other, touching and rubbing the yards also their hard cocks together until they begin to take turns giving the ass without putting condom to see who runs first in the ass the other.28:09Daniel Marvin puts it in the bathtub to Juan BlasDaniel and John are given a shower in the tub and start playing the tail and eat the cocks, starting Daniel to give everything to his knees in the tub until it's turn to eat cock of John, also puts boots puts the ass while her boyfriend to eat, and then the target on the table in the living room.84:05Fucked after fucked in the gym more from this cityAntonio Cavelli, Ben Stratham, Daniel Marvin, Danny Starr, Marco Salqueiro, Myles Bentley, Peter Andreas, Rocco Banks and Ross Hurston are the protagonists of this film in which the action takes place in a gym on the weights left aside to get to fuck each dumbbell couple, trio or as they can.14:24Bum on the kitchen counterDaniel Marvin comes home and finds Peter Andreas cooking, they kiss and they get so hot that eat the just fucking tail and hair on the kitchen counter.16:19Daniel Marvin and Juan Blas are happy the dayJuan Blas pays a visit to her boyfriend Daniel. Yours with good food and otherwise tail leads to a good first scene on the couch
19:09Dean Monroe & Kevin Cage banquetThese executives are going to give a good special banquet in celebration of a deal they got, but one of them wants something more, a special dessert, the ass of our friend Dean who soon put it because he loves I would fuck right there against a table, still wearing socks and opening her ass wide for what he likes16:31Lucio Maverick, Kevin Cage and Randy Jones fucked with helmetLucio Maverick, Kevin Cage and Randy Jones are three workers from a dam that deviate a little to see from afar is running everything, but end up eating up completely naked and cocks instead of doing their work. They swallow their cocks deep into their throats but without forgetting the ass fuck each other, in sandwich plan, until they stop eating dick to cum.19:25Dust to four underwater showersGym Three friends naked in the locker room and go to the shower together. As the water runs through his body, observe and start to get hotter and hotter, until finally start to get some good blowjobs trio. Then they put it in the ass and make a sandwich with one of them taking him in a twinkling to end a good bukake four.16:12Lucio Maverick, Kevin Cage and Hans Brooks fucked in the town's streetsBuilders fibrous buenorros boys undress on the street, under the hot sun tans his muscled guys cuerpazos entangled in fiery sexual encounter. In the column, lying engulf his erect cipotes, running his tongue feeling the bitter taste of penis. On the hill above the stones fornicate hard for their straight virgin ceased to be long ago.16:31Lucio Maverick, Kevin Cage and Randy Jones outside the workplace fuckedThree factory workers outside naked fornicate away from the workplace. Their hours of rest the fuck engage their asses being stretched by his fellow members. With the cap recessed monumental work put into this threesome fuck sun nonstop.
23:03In the office with Tristan Phoenix & Tristan JaxxSo you go to work and your workmate insists that the best thing to improve the work environment is to get on one's knees to suck cock and then, after doing that he makes his ass available so that the other gives him a good fuck on the office desktop.HD24:59Lucio Saints giving some hard cock to suckLucio Saints has always been with the guy-fucking radar on, so he soon scores with one of his workmates and takes him home to end up submitting him and forcing him to suck his dick well and then make his ass available to fuck it hard.HD27:15Mitch Branson & Gage WestonGage and Mitch enjoy a wonderful day in a pool which is even more wonderful and that makes them feel very loving and finally they end up taking their bathing suits off to suck their cocks and their superclean ass, and after getting out of the water they fuck hard.17:01Rafa García and Tony Aguilera fuck Martín MazzaRafa, Dinio's brother, got so traumatized by his brother getting it on with Marujita Díaz that everytime he gets rejected for an entrepreneurial project he ends up getting very crazy and fucking the manager, not caring that he has no pussy and he's a guy like he is, although powerbottom Martín Mazza sometimes doesn't look like it.HD22:52Bryce Star fucked by his boss John MagnumJohn calls his secretary for hours and hours to no avail and when he pays him a visit, he sees that his office is a mess and he has arrived really late, so John fucks him in the mouth and the ass so he learns the lesson once and for all.93:25Topher DiMaggio takes his cock out by the end of the meetingAmong business buddies, there's got to be enough familiarity and companionship to end up closing deals and getting down to eat each other out, and after a good deep blowjob, to fuck in the ass on the office's floor to celebrate the world of successfully signed contracts.HD32:00Marc Dylan lets Avid Dar penetrate himMarc Dylan is everyone's ass, because as soon as he spreads himself open he finds someone who's attracted to his muscular and greedy ass, an ass capable of engulfing dick after dick until it finally gets a good jet of macho spunk.14:11Christian Alexander is a priceless therapistChristian has a wonderful practice in which he works as a therapist, but sometimes his clients are very demanding and they ask to have their soul pain relieved with a good ass session in which he makes his ass available and lets them fuck him, going from therapist to therabitch.HD17:10Business dinner with a fuckIn this celebration dinner for the achievements attained in negotiations that took place in the office, two executives are going to enjoy the pleasure of their own company and the waiter's, who soon serves them some meat on stick and that triggers a jaw-dropping three-way fuck.HD24:56Marco Blaze receives a workmate by his backdoorMarco has always been a whore who wouldn't mind taking his cock out right there when he was horny, so, this time, when he's close to a workmate, he takes his cock out to pleasure himself, but this time, his workmate catches him and decides to give him what he deserves by fucking him well on the meeting room table.HD15:45Harry Louis giving a colleague some cockHarry Louis is expectant, waiting for this workmates to arrive to see them furtively change their clothes and then have sexual fantasies in his wanks, but this time this guy gets on him and Harry ends up fucking him in the ass without even removing his tie.31:31Men in suits fuck in their officePulling an all-nighter at work sucks, but if you're so lucky that your boss is superhot and is dying to get fucked up the ass, there's nothing better than working some extra hours even if you have to try hard.HD38:39Meeting to wash the car and fuck in the assThe hunkiest jocks in town, casually, all meet to wash the car and they all end up in their bathing suits, very horny, masturbating home until one of them decides to make his ass available so that some of his guys gives him a good fuck, fucking him anally until he fills him with cum.30:19Just in a bathingsuit in the pool but no condom in the assThese young guys just want to leave the sun, pools and stuff like that aside and have a good fuck in the pool, taking one of them and making him suck everyone's dick there just to fuck him later from behind as if there were no tomorrow.79:11Pool, sun and heat, make one eager for a good cockThis group of friends go to spend their vacation to some bungalows with lots of sun and a pool and they take little time so get their bathing suits off and taking their cocks out, but as they don't like the sun, they look for shelter in some greedy ass that provides them with some shade and relaxes the tension.
34:00Armond Rizzo penetrated by Landon Conrad's fat cockLandon Conrad finds Armond's tight ass very juicy although what he likes the most is seeing that it opens from side to side when Armond makes him a blowjob on his huge cock and he has no choice but to fuck him, something that makes this young greedy guy crazy.HD81:14A classic from the 80s with lots of hunksThese guys have bodies to be having sex all day, so these guys don't have much other choice than practicing sex in their free time, sticking their cocks up their asses and when it's very open, a good dildo in the company of their buddies who are passing by.27:35There's no bigger black hole than Derek Parker's assEven though it might seem incredible, it's possible to know how a massive black hole behaves without needing to go into deep space, because Derek Parker's ass is so powerful and greedy that they could surely try Stephen Hawking's theories which propose that black holes emit a certain radiation that makes them lose mass until the extreme of their own disappearance in space, although it's obvious that Derek's is much more resistant than that.27:42Mature, muscular guys sucking their dicksTwo guys, with a certain age, although their bodies don't seem to show it, strip naked to watch and enjoy their superbodies, licking every muscle, especially the cock's, which they lick to end up squeezing it to get a good jet of macho spunk.HD26:54Hunks fucking barebackAfter a jock gives a buddy a massage, the only thing he wants back is to get fucked, with an amazing fuck in the ass that leaves him full of thick and abundant cum in the hole before jerking off thinking of the spunk he's got.HD23:25Two hunks getting fucked in the assColby started sucking cocks two by two, and also quite fat, like Leo's, who gives him a banging in the ass that eventually he has no choice but to keep going because he has opened his greedy ass so much that the only way to close it is with the help of his own cock, pumping his butthole.HD21:41Another horny fuck among hunks from the EastEnnio invites a friend of his to invite him for coffee, but then he realizes it's something stupid, because what he wants is not coffee, but milk, besides his balls, fucking him bareback in the ass to jerk off later well.98:51Leather penetrations among machosThese beefy guys from the late 80s knew how to have a good fuck, pretty hard, with plenty of stunning hunks and especially a mad desire for everything to be hard, with their chains, their leather accessories and their good cocks and asses looking forward to meet.26:46Jocks sticking their cocks bareback and hardWhat's a better breakfast than a good cock stuck to the body of a stunning hunk, but this time they are two hunks and the more thuggish one, the tattooed one, is the one who ends up with his ass penetrated with the other guy's cock's thrusts , who is an even bigger jock.33:21Landon Conrad fucks JR Bronson among sneakers and gym sweatLandon meets a guy who gets very horny with the smell thing, whether it's sneakers, armpits or macho sweat, so he has a feast with Landon, who has just arrived from the gym and he finally ends with his jockstrap on his face while JR is fucked in the ass for his relaxation.HD09:50A good fuck on the living room's tableThese two athletic young guys, who look like college sportsmen take their clothes off to enjoy their hot bodies and especially their dicks, which they lick and suck until eventually, the hunkier one gets the other one on all fours and fucks him in the ass on the desktop, making him freak out.HD45:10Supermovie with Colton FordColton Ford and his friends are going to have a blast, and especially his friends, because they'll open their ass wide when they see stunning hunk Colton eating them all out and fucking them in the ass with that cock attached to that musclebear superhot insatible body.127:54Superhunks looking forward to sticking it inWhen the crotch gets itchy, it itches and there's nothing else to think about, just taking it out and look for wherever one can stick it in, whether that is in a good greedy ass, for rent or for free, but sticking it in hard, into the rent boy, into a buddy or into the housekeeper.HD18:56Leather muscular hunks' threesomeA stunning black jock gets to command his white slaves, giving them instructions to lick his balls and finally make his ass available to fuck each other, although finally it's the black guy who ends up sticking his cock into the greediest guy in his hungry ass which is especially very gluttonous.26:42Three fat cock and a single assA greedy guy takes half a second to take his pants down and offer his ass to some hunks who fuck him taking turns, but the guy is so insatiable and his ass is so hungry that he needs to swallow big time, so they put three cocks into him at the same time, without a rubber, just in case he couldn't fit it all.
14:18Casual encounter ends up in anal fuckMarco is meeting two guys in the same hotel room, but he's late and when the other two meet, they have a good fuck on their own that starts when they meet in the shower with their cocks very hard and their balls loaded.12:16From cancaneo through the gates of the alleysWhen is complicated sex and desire and tighten the tail no choice but to jump into the streets and looking cock to swallow, even if you do cock poking through holes in a fence, but in the end love triumphs and, especially, anal sex.00:00Hot guy gets addicted to milk in all her holesA very gluttonous glutton who loves to eat raw in the mouth and ass gets down to the work and sucks fat cock to finish putting it so hard that her asshole at the end receives a visit to hair phalluses love of his colleagues, who quit the ass well pregnant.58:03The Mafia bribes to the police with their tailsCops are in a hotel where the gangsters are going to carry out a coup, but the mobsters decide that the best they can do is bribe law enforcement with their tasty cocks, they love the police, they swallow and then get a good lefote.32:30Angel Cordoba jerks off with his muscular bodyAngel Cordoba is a bodybuilder who does not mind a peel removed undressing for the camera and enjoying her hot body in the mirror until he gets his cock stiff and well it's time to get a good straw that lets you run your abs filled.16:54Time for the boss to relaxThe head of the company 's construction of the nerves because you are demanding to end once and not no way, so one of his workers is offered to relax your pattern, and the best way to find is a massage and then a good fuck in ass27:21Cayden Ross becomes the bitch of Sean and DannyCayden seems an alpha male and the minimum is surrounded by a good cock puts his ass in the air to start based on sucking plead that the eat well before the mess in the ass while he is the happiest person in the world.12:46Knees a tourist enjoying a great viewA tourist is seeing monuments, is another monument in black and dick that it leads to an abandoned factory to give up his ass after forcing him to make him a wonderful blowjob with better views.25:12Very greedy Rubio submitted by a mulatto dickA blond chest hair, the kind of which there are few, gets her ass glutton to provision of a mulatto shove raring rubber well and so leave his little seed inside and the other is run leisure with your ass good pregnant.52:29Two roommates very uninhibitedThis loving couple would spend a fucking on their couch while they suck each another, very hot to savor these piece of cock stuck cuerpazos print those, so do not stop to fuck the ass and terminate with good straw.50:58This pair of niggers are handled well with rabacosBigardos This pair of black with tattoos and look like thugs get softer than when they start to eat cocks and end up giving up the ass one by one through the eye getting their piece of African cocks warm milk fully charged.26:37These hunks with their tails meet their yearsThis pair of maromos have some impressive cuerpazos make are so horny that can not stop fucking her ass to each other and above all take a good fuck that leaves them completely full of fresh milk, especially inside her asshole.20:48In this macho make a good mulchThis piece of pimp incredible body needs someone to teach some discipline, so that bind to a bank and immediately begin to masturbate until he cums with every muscle in his body tense and screaming by overstimulation of his penis after cumming.23:12To get into this shower the whole world becomes troutThis shower the whole world gets really happy and their hard cocks as well suck two maromos that is clearly not going to take long to suck off up eggs and immediately afterwards will be the nail in the ass while riding happy.46:50Another massage that ends in tributeThis massage is preparing everything for the arrival of the next customer to be grave and let rub and rub until just splicing, as the masseur, who eats cock and then fucks him by the mouth and ass until they run both.
27:13Orgies always go well in a hotel These strangers meet regularly stay in a hotel room from time to time to unleash their male instincts, that is, to suck each other's cock well before the bottoms prepare to give their ass to the tops to be anally penetrated by them.105:29In the bar are mounted a peerless orgiesThis bar is a place where you always meet good guys over the city and always end the same way, with the clothes on his ankles and sucking cocks for then cool off in the ass and make that bar in a good orgy among the best and most males of the place106:58Hunks, rabacos, orgies and lots of sexGrown men with some amazing bodies, muscular and with good hard cocks and especially eager to put them in a hole appear in this film to be mounted from a trio to an orgy in which there is no cock and ass cock do not run on any of these vicious guys give everything for a powder102:26Several French- fuck-upsA good film for nearly two hours in which all these French players begin to take it up the ass from the first scene and not end until the last while making a few orgies, threesomes and a few still fucking the ass on a swing always intended to get a good run and enjoyed as only a Frenchman does : with a good lefarazo.70:12Art Lovers and penetratedA gang of art thieves always end up celebrating his punches criminals with good orgies not missing the sex, of course, because they are a gay band who are always thinking about what to : eat cocks and swallowing cum whenever possible, as a celebration or not, but the fact is swallowing ahead and behind.24:57The locker room end bukkake orgiesIn this gym there are so gay that when you find a few naked in the locker room not long in getting to eat the cocks, choosing one of them to give you good in the ass while he enjoys a great time and just covered with a good amount of milk from their colleagues.27:45The spontaneous orgies spaThere are spas in which when two guys think they're alone jammed between them and eat cocks in the water without realizing that somebody watches and is being offline into balls while they are give you stick. Then more and more start to come together and end up in a good fuck in public orgy plan.112:50Azafatos and Surcharges petándose in the airThe sobercargos of this company planes are so good that in his spare time between them ass fucked, at work in the bathroom with a traveler and that makes it ride wherever they go good anal orgies in the air and on land, including double penetrations with cocks good ass gordísimas that would break any man, but not these.86:54Jeff Stryker puts the boots to cocksJeff Styker and sexual cimbrel piece is in a club with lots of undergroundo gayers taking a nice tribute in an orgy in which there are all arms, legs and cocks and lots of sex... the bark and then it will put it in other assholes that await anxiously.19:51Todd Maxwell, Hal Rodman and Luis Vega scary pass it in the garageTodd, Hal and Luis are given a tribute in the garage where they keep their SUVs, witness their orgies and their polvazos. 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A good polvete of these gladiators who then give their lives to evil Julio Cesar.
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